Registration and Contact Information

EVENT CANCELLED due to Hurricane Florence

Feb 24 updates: Note there are no motel rooms available now, only the cabins. If your mailed in registration arrives in the next day or so we will reimburse you your hotel room.  Don’t worry however, the cabins are awesome!

There are two ways to register for CSAR:

DIGITAL AGE WAY: Complete this online form including your payment to receive immediate confirmation of your registration. If you do not yet have the discount code for CSAR members, please email

OLD SCHOOL WAY:  Click on this link, csar registration pdf feb 26, print the form,  fill it in indicating both your 1st and 2nd preferences, (in case your 1st choice is no longer possible),  mail your form with check to CSAR2018, 310 Rustic Ridge Road, Cary, NC 27511

Contact for any questions or concerns!

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